How to Customize Fiberglass Pergolas

How to Customize

Columns, Rafter Tail and Beam Selection

Bullet Columns, Rafter Tail and Beam Selection


Define your architectural style by the choice of columns and the design of your rafter tail and beam end carvings. Our most popular column is a smooth round tapered column, but you can select from a wide range of custom styles.

Custom Colors and Fabrics

Bullet Custom Colors and Fabrics


You can show your personal style in the selection of your pergola and column colors and fabric selections for the top and side shades. While white is the most popular color for your fiberglass pergola, we also offer the option to select custom colors from the wide range of choices offered by Sherwin Williams.

Woven screen or glass fiber fabrics are available in a wide variety of colors, designs and opacity to meet your aesthetic tastes and the amount of privacy and sun protection you desire. Alternatively, you may opt for the heavier PVC fabric which offers a side screen that is entirely waterproof with full sun protection. The PVC fabric is available in white, beige, grey and with the option for a transparent PVC window.

Add Lighting and Sound to Create Ambience

Bullet Add Lighting and Sound to Create Ambience


Your fiberglass pergola can be equipped with powerful (dimmable) LED lighting that can be operated remotely or with an optical switch.
Popular LED lighting styles for pergola include spots, up down lights on the columns, and recessed-spots that can be mounted into the frame. Adding a bluetooth receiver and speakers allows you to vary the mood musically.

Keep it Comfortable with Fans and Heaters

Bullet Keep it Comfortable with Fans and Heaters


Keep your pergola comfortable, not too hot and not too cool. Fans are a popular addition providing air flow and additional lighting for your pergola. The powerful 2.000W patio heater (IP65) is perfect for cool evenings or use multiple patio heaters that can be combined for just one module. Available with standard or dimmable remote which can adjust the patio heater to 100%, 80% or 66% of its total capacity.
Colors Options: Black or White

Keep it Functional with Shades, Awnings and Canopies

Bullet Keep it Functional with Shades, Awnings and Canopies


Looking for extra shade or privacy? Shades are a great way to accomplish both and come either top-mounted or side mounted.

Screens and Shades
You may choose to have nestled discreetly within the beams of your pergola a motorized remote control screens, shades or solid fabric wall with a transparent PVC window. These remote-control walls glide down tracks on the column and depending on the fabric you select can provide protection from the wind, rain, sun, insects and a chill in the air.

Tensioned Awnings and Canopies
Looking for offer full sun protection? Consider adding a motorized awning mounted on top of or below your pergola or a manual canopy mounted below your pergola.